It’s FALL, Y’all! | Fall Decor Inspiration Part Two

Hey y’all! Now that it’s OFFICIALLY fall, I can put out as many pumpkins as I want. As promised, here is part two: outdoor fall decor inspiration! I shared some of this last week on IG reels, so I highly recommend checking it out there too. Here I’m going to show you how I decorated my porch, and hopefully inspire you to get spooky!


First, here is the original plan for my porch decor! PS, if you missed it on part one, I ALWAYS plan my home projects on Canva first:

Obviously, this started out super basic. While shopping around for a new fall wreath, I really wanted to get a good idea of what they would look like.


Here’s how it turned out, and a breakdown of where everything came from:

I’ll probably keep moving things around a million more times, but I’m really happy about how it turned out! It looks so cute and festive.


Here are a few tips for decorating your porch for fall:

  • Get fake pumpkins. I love real pumpkins as much as everyone, but investing in these craft pumpkins from Michaels saves me money every year. The pumpkins are suited for indoor AND outdoor use, and come in so many different sizes. They look real, they’re lightweight, and incredibly easy to store.
  • Invest in year-round decor. Another great way to decorate on a budget is to choose pieces you can keep out all year long. My buffalo check rug, the wooden welcome sign, and some of the white lanterns stay on my porch all year. They keep my modern farmhouse style pretty consistent, and they’re great for adding layers to seasonal decor.
  • Repurpose things. Okay, that seems pretty general, but it’s a great tip. The white metal bucket to the left of the door is actually a summer drink cooler. It’s bright blue on the inside. BUT, when I turned it over, it made a nice little pumpkin stand! Instead of there being a jumble of pumpkins, this gave my decor LEVELS. Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to flip things upside down (literally).
  • Keep an eye out for good deals! One of my favorite pieces of decor here is the set of metal haunted house luminaries. These little luminaries were a total impulse buy from the Dollar Spot at Target. You don’t have to spend $$$ on huge lanterns and crazy decor. Make a plan, get your vision, and get on the hunt for good deals!

I hope this little porch inspires you to decorate for fall! If you missed it, make sure you check out part one for indoor decorations. I’m linking everything I can at the bottom of this post, or you can find everything on the SHOP page.

Stay spooky, y’all!

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