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Stay Neutral | How to Create an Easy Fall Wardrobe

Hey y’all! We’re mixing it up a little bit this week on #weeklyfaves! I’m so glad everyone enjoyed this outfit because I did too. As I mentioned on IG, I feel like getting dressed has been VERY stressful lately. I don’t know what to wear, I haven’t been shopping for outside clothes in six months, etc. Honestly, I feel like everything is more stressful than it should be right now. I’m going to help you take the stress out of one thing: transitioning your closet to fall! Here are 5 things you need in your closet so you can create an easy fall wardrobe.


You may think you’re not a hat person, but think again, fam! I have ONE hat and I wear it all season long. A cute, felt hat is literally the easiest way to take an outfit from summer to fall. It’s the most low-key accessory of all time.


Another SUPER easy fall accessory! A duster cardigan is also a great way to dress in layers- especially in this weird in-between season.


Okay, I know this sounds like a weird recommendation for fall, but hear me out. A good fall wardrobe should be all about layers, and a solid tank top is the ultimate starting place. Honestly, there’s nothing worse than throwing on a chunky sweater, getting too hot, and realizing you can’t take it off. This one is from Holl & Main (last year), but here are some other cute styles!


This one is non-negotiable, y’all. Dark jeans are a MUST HAVE if you want to create an emo look for all. Some people will say it’s moody, but let’s just call it like it is. These distressed black jeans are from (you guessed it) Holl & Main (and they are unfortunately sold out), but here are some similar ones.


Black boots are the ultimate fall accessory. You can dress them up, or you can dress them down. You can get sleek boots, or mix it up with some combat boots. It’s a great way to keep it neutral and still add a pop of personal style!

Don’t forget you can also get outfit details via my SHOP page, too! What are your go-to pieces for fall? Let me know in the comments below!

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