Get Your Glow On: Easy Skincare Routine and Tips

Hey y’all! I don’t know about y’all, but the one thing my mama always told me growing up was TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN. And did I listen to her? Nope. I wanted to share a little bit of my skincare background, in case it sounds a little like yours. Keep reading for my easy skincare routine and tips to get that glow you’ve always wanted.

I never really had problems with my skin when I was a teenager and being a #palekid I was always slathered up with sunscreen. Flash forward to college, it was a whole new story. I wasn’t even a teenager anymore and my skin was freaking out. I went to a dermatologist once, and she told me to use CeraVe and prescribed some topical treatments. The topical treatments didn’t really work, but my skin cleared up over time so I stopped using them.

After college, when It was reacting to things and breaking out all over the place and I had no idea what to do about it. Everything on the internet was telling me “everyone’s skin is different!” and “this product is a MIRACLE” or “this RUINED my face.” Basically, I was terrified to try anything new because I thought I was going to ruin my face and never be able to leave the house again. I kept doing research and I learned a few tips that have really helped me learn how to take care of my skin, even outside of a skin care routine:

  1. DRINK WATER. Y’all I am the worst at this. I hate water. But drinking water helps your skin SO much. It keeps you hydrated and after a while, you’ll notice your skin has a lil glow to it. PRO TIP: If you’re a baby like me, add fresh lemons to your water! You’ll feel like you’re at a spa, it will encourage you to drink more, and lemon water has a lot of other benefits too.
  2. KNOW WHAT MAKES YOU BREAK OUT. I have a big sweet tooth, so it took me forever to learn that sugar is a HUGE trigger for my break outs. Processed sugar, food dye (bye-bye, Fruit Loops) and dairy do not agree with my skin. Try to keep track of what you’re eating for a while. See if you notice any patterns as they relate to your breakouts!
  3. LEARN YOUR BODY. Hormones play a BIG factor in what’s happening to your skin. Everyone’s body is different, so see if your breakouts happen at the same time every month. If they are, try to be extra sensitive and take extra good care of your skin during those times.
  4. KEEP IT CLEAN. Clean sheets, clean clothes, clean phones all make a difference to your skin. When I’m getting a bad breakout, the first thing I do is throw my sheets and pillowcases in the wash, clean my phone and headphones, and pay close attention to how much I’m touching my face. PRO TIP: If you’re a dry shampoo gal, make sure you’re keeping your two/three/five day hair out of your face. The excess oils from your hair may not make your skin very happy!

These things have changed my skin for the better (and I hope they’re helpful to you too). But even after learning all of these things, I still didn’t have a consistent skin care routine. I was using different products, and if they didn’t work immediately, I would trash them and use something else. Back in March, when this craziness started and my stress was at an all-time high, my skin was the worst it has ever been. I’m talking huge, under-the-skin breakouts that were painful and absolutely tanked my self-esteem.

One of the things that has helped me most in quarantine is establishing routines, so I knew I had to nail down a skincare routine. I did some research and tried to figure out exactly WHY my skin was freaking out (#stress, DUH). There were a ton of rave reviews online for Glossier’s Solution (not sponsored). I would basically pay anything to make my skin calm down, so I ordered it that day.

Here’s another tip for skincare that I learned from this process- not all products work immediately! Especially in skincare. Some products take a while to make a difference, and some may even make your skin worse before it gets better. After four weeks of keeping a consistent skincare routine, my skin finally started calming down. I’m now eight weeks into my super easy, low maintenance, and highly effective skin care routine. My skin has never looked better. Here’s my routine (AM and PM because I basically never leave my house):

  1. Wash face with Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser. Pat dry with clean towel.
  2. Apply Glossier Solution Exfoliating Skin Perfector with cotton pad all over face, avoiding eye area. Wait 1-2 minutes for toner to absorb and dry.
  3. Use a dime-sized amount of Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream all over face and neck. Voila! Done.

That’s it. That’s my whole routine. I will occasionally use other face masks as a way to de-stress. As I get into the summer, I will add in a light SPF and maybe another hydrating serum.

Let me tell you this, sister- if you’re struggling with your skin, you’re not alone. This time has been so stressful for everyone, and it sucks that stress can manifest itself right on your face. There is nothing gross or abnormal about breakouts, so there is no reason to be embarrassed or ashamed of your skin. It’s so important to take care of yourself and take time to figure out what works for your skin. Get your glow on, girl!

Shop my skincare routine at the bottom of this post or on the SHOP page. What are your ultimate skincare faves? Let me know in the comments!

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