Front Porch Project: Part One

Hey y’all! It’s finally porch weather here! At least sometimes it is. EVENTUALLY, it will be consistent porch weather here in NC. Since we’re still staying at home, we decided to make our next home project our front porch. We have a TINY front porch and an even smaller backyard, but we love being outside! Seriously. There is nothing Drew loves more than sitting on a porch and drinking coffee. Ideally that porch is facing the ocean, but we’ll take what we can get. I wanted to share our planning and some ideas for updating your porch because we found so many good, budget-friendly options! Here is our front porch project: part one.


One of the things I’ve learned from owning a home is that things rarely (if ever) look in real life the way they look in my head. I have been derailed by many visions of thinking I can estimate or picture how something will look. Don’t do that. Especially if you have terrible eyesight and no depth perception.

Enter Canva. I use Canva for SO many things and it’s such a great tool (this isn’t sponsored btw, I just really love it). It’s very easy to use. So the first thing I did was take measurements of my spaces and created this:

Like I said, it’s very simple and easy to use. This little graphic helped me see if what I was envisioning was even possible. My plans have changed a little since this initial outline, but this really helped me bring my thoughts to life. Next, I wanted to start with the area by the front door:

Does this look a little crazy? Yes! But it was so helpful to see if things would look how I thought they would. (When you see the final picture, you’ll want to start doing your projects like this IMMEDIATELY. It looks shockingly similar to this plan).


Once I had a good idea of what I needed, I moved onto researching and pricing items. I could do another post on shopping in the time of COVID-19, but we’re all in this together so y’all already know. I do a lot of my home shopping at Target, Wayfair, Amazon, Michaels, and Lowes. I highly recommend tracking seasonal sales- now is a great time to shop for porch furniture and decor! Another good time to shop is immediately as they start switching over to back to school and fall merchandise.

Also if you’re shopping online, I highly recommend combining purchases with other things- for example, right now Target has a $35 minimum for free shipping. I didn’t need $35 worth of things for this project, so I waited to purchase the mat until I had other things to get too. (Basically I never pay for shipping. And you shouldn’t either. Don’t @ me. I’ll die on this hill)

One thing we wanted to do on our front porch is a gutter garden. I love the way they look and they’re a great way to add color without sacrificing space! Unfortunately, with shipping restrictions and limiting our in-store shopping, we ended up changing our plans. Things change and this is another reason why planning and creating images is super helpful!


Once our orders started coming in, I started cleaning off the porch. Spraying, sweeping, scrubbing, etc. Here are a few tips:

  1. DOOR: Use Windex to clean any windows on/around your door. It will make a HUGE difference! You can also use Windex to clean your front door (ours was disgusting because of pollen #southerngirlprobs). I wiped it down and then wiped it down with cabinet cleaner to make it look really clean. It basically looks like a new door now!
  2. LIGHTS: Outdoor lights can get REALLY gross, y’all. Use a hose to spray the outside to get off any cobwebs, bugs, generally gross things. Then, you guessed it, use Windex to wipe the inside and outside. I’m basically the dad from Big Fat Greek Wedding. There’s nothing Windex can’t do.
  3. FLOOR: I’m a weirdo and I sweep things outdoors. I have a really heavy duty broom that helps with dirt and pollen- I highly recommend getting a broom just for outdoors like this one. Regular kitchen brooms usually aren’t tough enough for concrete or other outdoor surfaces. You can also use a leaf-blower to blow out corners or cobwebs up top.

After I cleaned, I unpacked everything and played around with the layout until I liked out it looked. And TA-DA! Part one of our front porch project is complete. Stay tuned for part two!

Everything from this project (even my outfit) is linked at the bottom of this post or you can shop from the SHOP page!

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