Staying Sane: Tips for Thriving When You’re Stuck at Home

Hey y’all! What a crazy time we’re in right now. It feels like it went from zero to 100 SO fast and now we’re all stuck in our houses. People went from working in offices to working at home in a matter of days. I think we were all overwhelmed and unprepared for a little while. I, like many of you, work from home (for the foreseeable future). And I, like many of you, am absolutely scrambling trying to adjust to this “new normal.” I’m an extrovert, I love talking, and I love being out and about. I thrive on a schedule, under deadlines, with tasks and to-do lists. For me, being stuck here is WAY harder than I thought it would be.

I’ve said it a million times: change is TERRIBLE. But it’s also inevitable. We’re all in the ultimate test to see how we can adapt in unreal circumstances. And I’ll be honest: I am 100% failing. Last week was ROUGH, y’all. Now that I have a better idea of what the “new normal” looks like, I decided to use my gifts (aka borderline INSANE organizational skills and my task-oriented brain) to figure things out. Here’s how I’m staying sane- a few tips for thriving when you’re stuck at home.


Since everyone started working from home last week there have been approximately 3109283 schedules on my IG feed. Let me tell you- I am LOVING it. I live for organization. Y’all have seen my pantry. I decided to make my own weekly schedule this morning and it made me feel a million times better. For me, my best days have four parts: a productive task, a fun activity, physical exercise, and scheduled food. Does that make me sound like an insane person? Probably. Figuring out what to do for dinner is literally my least favorite activity in the world.

To give you an example, here’s what my Monday looks like:

  • PRODUCTIVE TASK(S): Dust/vacuum; laundry
  • PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: Corepower Yoga online
  • FUN ACTIVITY: Scrabble + movie date night with Drew
  • FOOD: Leftovers for lunch; sushi take-out for dinner

Right away, all of the guesswork is taken out of my day. Everything else is already super stressful. These things don’t have to be. I have seen so many helpful schedules like this from people who regularly work from home, parents with young kids, parents with teens, etc. Find what works for you and WRITE IT DOWN.


I know so many people out there are looking for ways to help, but they don’t know where to start. The news is overwhelming and it’s hard to keep up. There are a lot of easy ways to help- for my local NC peeps, I’m linking some organizations below.

I promise if you start doing something good for other people, you won’t want to stop. Take this crazy time and turn it in to something good.


We are living in the PRIME TIME of online learning. YouTube, LinkedIn Learning- some libraries are even offering free access to online resources, books, etc. Think of something you always wanted to learn and start learning!

Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • GRAPHIC DESIGN: Learn Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, or even master your favorite photo-editing app (and then come teach me)
  • PROGRAMMING: Learn how to code, build a website, write a program (idk what I’m talking about here- computer stuff)
  • COOKING: Learn how to bake, make your own pasta, actually use your cast iron skillet that your grandma gave you 5 years ago
  • CRAFT: Learn how to knit, sew, do needlepoint (basically binge Making It on Hulu and just learn everything they do)
  • BE HANDY: Learn how to unclog your sink, how to fix your showerhead, ok this is basically just turning into my to-do list

Use this time to learn something that you can take with you after the craziness is over. Maybe you’ll find out something new about yourself.


I know this doesn’t seem like a way to “stay sane,” but I have spent 12+ hours on social media every day for the last week. It is breaking my heart to see our small and local businesses suffering. However, there are so many ways to support your local peeps, even without spending money (but also, please spend money):

  • ENGAGE: Like/share/save social media posts, leave a nice review, drop a nice comment, even just read their whole post
  • SHOP: Shop online, buy gift cards, send a gift to someone you love (support your local businesses AND do something good, BOOM)
  • EAT: Order take-out, delivery, curbside pick-up, etc. (Drew and I are trying to order out for one meal every day)
  • ENCOURAGE: Send them a message to let them know you’re thinking about them- a little kindness goes a long way

Our small/local businesses are the backbone of our communities. They’re the people who feed us, who style us in cute clothes, who help us take care of ourselves. They’re our fitness studios, our salons, our neighborhood bars, our boutiques. They need our support now more than ever.

What are your tips for staying productive while you’re staying in? Drop them in the comments below.

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