Booties Rockin’ Everywhere: Fall Boot Picks

Hey y’all! Not sure what season it is where you are, but here in NC it’s fallmer. It’s a really cool season where sometimes it’s fall and sometimes it’s summer! The best part: there is no way to know which season it will be tomorrow! It’s very hard to get into the fall spirit when it’s still 90 degrees outside. How can you swap your wardrobe out when it’s still too warm for sweaters? Start with your shoes and these fun, fall boot picks!

Even though you can wear boots and booties year-round, they’re a great way to transition your wardrobe. Pair a sundress with booties for an instant upgrade. Or when you want to throw on shorts, just swap your sandals for ankle boots! Even when it doesn’t feel like fall outside, you can still feel like fall on the inside. Boom. #Science.

What you need to consider when picking boots: height (on your ankle/leg), style (details and pattern), and functionality. Here are my favorite finds in each category! (Most of these styles are budget-friendly, but some are a bigger investment. But, don’t you think if you’re going to invest in your wardrobe, you should start with your feet?)


I feel like this is the number one thing people skip when shopping for booties. I’m not talking ankle boots vs OTK boots. I’m talking how high a bootie is on your ankle. Consider the height, especially when you’re looking for something to wear with pants or jeans. Some of my favorite booties are a struggle because they come up too high (and I didn’t try them on. That’s on ME.) Here are some finds in various heights to fit any style:


Statement shoes are a really fun way to jazz up an outfit! Whether it’s a bold pattern or subtle details, you should pay attention to these things when you’re shopping. You may not get a ton of wear out of a full leopard print bootie, so you can opt for a bootie with a more subdued print. Or if you’re wanting to go bold, try a striking pattern or a studded detail. The options are endless, my friends.


Another thing that often gets overlooked: where the heck am I actually going to wear these boots? If it rains, can they get wet? Do I even have rain boots? I feel like we gravitate toward the flashy styles and then we don’t have anything practical to put on our feet. Here are some low-key styles that are reasonable AND cute!

Hopefully this guide helps you think differently while you’re out shopping your fall boot picks this season! I’ve bought a lot of booties that I never wear because they were impulse buys. Now I try to make good, intentional choices because feet are IMPORTANT. They carry you around in life. Protect them. Make them look cute.

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