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Rendezvous in RDU: Trivia Night

Hey y’all! We’ve been having so much fun pulling these fun date ideas for the blog! If you’ve missed the others, check them out here! This one is a little bit different. It’s not anything super crazy, but it’s still SO MUCH FUN! Our fun Triangle date night idea… trivia night!

A little backstory for y’all: my dad is a HUGE trivia buff. He’s a walking encyclopedia of knowledge. Sports, pop culture, history, geography; you name it, he knows it! He’s been going to trivia nights for years and that’s how Drew and I got hooked. It’s a fun way to get dinner and hang out with your favorite people. It’s a true team-building activity. You have to be willing to go ALL IN and be totally okay if you’re wrong. I’m still working on the second part.

Drew and I are both super competitive so trivia night is one of our favorite things. We’ve created a team with some of his friends from work. We just recently made t-shirts. Most bars and restaurants that host trivia nights also have food and drink specials AND you can win prizes! It’s AWESOME. I highly suggest adding a trivia night to your week as a fun group date! Here are some great trivia nights in the Raleigh/Durham area:






Full disclosure: we haven’t been to all of these trivia nights, so we can’t speak to the quality of the trivia. We’ve been to some REALLY good trivia and some really bad trivia nights, but we always have fun! A lot of these places also do themed trivia, so check on their websites and social channels before you go. I’ll keep updating this list as I find out about more trivia nights?

Are you a Triangle trivia buff? Let me know if I’m missing any of your favorite places!

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  1. Jenny Rogers says:

    Gatehouse Tavern has trivia on Tuesday night and they do theme nights every so often. I went to a Disney trivia night there and it was lots of fun. Buffalo Brothers in Wake Forest also does trivia nights on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

    1. Thanks for letting me know!! I’ll update!!

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