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Organization Station: Upgrade Your Pantry in One Hour

Hey y’all! If you’re like me, you spend MANY hours every week looking through Pinterest and Instagram wondering why your pantry doesn’t look like that girl’s pantry and why you can’t get your hair to stay curled or grow 5 inches in one month. If you’re nodding your head like “yes, it me” then you may have found yourself in a similar situation to mine last weekend.

Last year, we moved into a wonderful, clean, move-in ready home and we were PUMPED. We were out of our apartment, we could finally make changes to OUR space, and we knew exactly what we were doing. Except that we had no idea what we were doing and our DIY skills were limited to friendship bracelets and assembling IKEA-like furniture. Once we started living in our home we started seeing things that we wanted to change: wire shelving in closets, dated cabinets, crazy light fixtures… and we had no idea what to do.

Fast forward one year and we’ve learned how to do some basic things, but we’re not crazy cool DIY people who have a workstation in their garage and saws of various types and can throw together a bench out of old pallets in seven easy steps. BUT, we do know how to make small changes that take advantage of what we already have and that require small tools like a drill and a can-do attitude! So here’s our ONE HOUR pantry renovation that has changed my life. I’m not even being dramatic. Well, not more than normal.

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Here is the before picture of our pantry and let me start by saying THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE. I posted on Instagram and one of my best friends said “I saw the before picture and I was like I literally don’t see one thing that needs to be changed here.” She was 100% CORRECT. Pinterest and Instagram are there for sharing and inspiration; they are not the yardsticks by which we measure and compare our lives to others’. The only thing wrong with this pantry is that it wasn’t working for us. We decided to make our lives a little bit easier and change it up a lil!!

I was inspired by Vanessa at The Cheeky Been who shared her small pantry update last week. Her pantry looked a lot like mine and made me think, “Hey, I can do that!” So as a part of my deep clean on Sunday, I decided now was a good time to update our lil pantry.

How to do it: Look at your before photo and see what you need: airtight containers, shelving, hooks, etc. Make a plan before you clean everything out so you don’t miss anything. Then, take it all out so you can start from scratch. (PRO TIP: Clean your kitchen before you start this or you WILL stress yourself out because it will look like your pantry threw up everywhere)

Once you have your empty pantry, you can clean and visualize your space. Vacuum, get the cobwebs out, and get everything up off the floor. Then, make your list and go shopping!

Here’s what I found/already had to use:

Clean out your containers and have them ready to use. I recommend going one shelf at a time so that way you can organize and know where to find things. For example, I don’t use the baking items very often, so I put those up top. Next is breakfast, then pasta, then snacks, then larger items, and drinks on the floor. If you work this way, you can organize based on frequency of use. You can grab and go when you need to and easily see what you have before you grocery shop.

Here’s how mine turned out. Is it a revolutionary renovation? Nope. Does it make my life a HECK of a whole lot easier when I’m deciding what to make for dinner? YEP. Make your changes based on what works for YOU! It will save you time and money (and probably some tears) in the long run.

Here it is step by step:

  1. Look at your pantry and see what you need.
  2. Clean everything out and start fresh.
  3. Make a list of what storage you already have and what you need to get.
  4. Clean out your new containers and prep to restock.
  5. Restock and organize pantry one shelf at a time, by frequency of use.
  6. TA-DA! One hour later, done!

What’s up next on your to-do list? Let me know in the comments below!


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