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Rendezvous in RDU: TreeRunner Adventure Park

Hey y’all!

If you follow along on Instagram, you may have seen that I’m kicking off a new series this week with the help of Drew (aka Mr. Hey Y’all Blog)! We’ve been married a little over 2 years, but have lived in the Triangle for our ENTIRE LIVES. Literally, born and raised. We’re always on the lookout for fun, out-of-the-box date ideas, so we’re sharing some old favorites and trying out some new places so we can share them with you in our new Rendezvous in RDU series!

Honestly, it’s going to be SUPER hard to top our first date. Literally. We were alllll up in some trees at TreeRunner Adventure Park and we’re pumped to share our experience!Β (Disclaimer: We were given passes by TreeRunner to try out the park, but the opinions herein are 100% my own.)


Let me start off by saying one thing: I am DEEPLY scared of heights. I don’t like roller coasters and I don’t even really like sitting in the window seat on an airplane. However, I am also REALLY competitive so I knew if we went to TreeRunner as a date, I would do anything to keep up with Drew (who is scared of nothing). That’s what dates are for, right??

TreeRunner Adventure Park is an easy drive from anywhere in the Triangle, located in Raleigh off of Creedmoor Road. It’s an aerial adventure park with fun for all ages, and the Raleigh location features 70 obstacles and zip lines and courses for different levels of climbing experience. Our climbing experience was limited to looking up at trees and thinking, wow, wouldn’t it be cool if we could climb this, so I think that puts us in the beginner category.

We walked in and looked up at the courses and I looked directly at Drew and said, “WHY DID YOU TALK ME INTO THIS??” There are zip lines and obstacle courses IN THE TREES. There is NO WAY I’m going up there. He said “it’s too late now!” and approximately 10 minutes later we were checked in and stepping into our harnesses for a demo before our climbing slot (there are different booking options for time and age ranges, but our slot was three hours). We were trained by their friendly staff and up on a small demo course (about 4-5 feet off the ground) and I started feeling like I could do this. Drew, of course, was a natural as soon as he clipped in.


We started out with a beginner course because you have to start small (10-20 feet up) before you can go big (30-40 feet up). Beginner courses build up your confidence, help you get used to clipping your harness in and out, and give you a feel for what you’ll see on the more advanced elements. We were instantly hooked (literally). We were conquering obstacles left and right and zip lining was like flying through the trees. We felt like SUPER HEROES.

We were there during Colorfest, so they had a Kona Ice truck there. After conquering a beginner and intermediate course, we felt we had earned a Kona Ice break. We sat down with some new friends, an awesome couple that was in our group (Melissa and Johnathan if you’re reading- SHOUT OUT!!) and took a quick break. The atmosphere at TreeRunner is super laidback and they have plenty of other fun things to do if climbing isn’t your jam.

I thought I was tapped out (it’s a WORK OUT, but we’ll get to that later) but Drew convinced me to try the Black Course, so soon we were back up on the platform hooking in. It wasn’t that hard to convince me because there’s an obstacle that’s literally a Skateboard in the Sky and the longest zip line in the park (85 feet). It was AWESOME. The Black Course was a challenge, but it was totally worth it. We felt like we could climb mountains or try out for American Ninja Warrior after we were done. After a nap, probably.

Some things we learned:

  1. Per our new friend Melissa, TreeRunner is an AWESOME date idea- if you’ve been together a while. Get ready to get sweaty, my friends!
  2. This is a whole dang workout. We went to the gym HARD the day before. Don’t be like us. Be smarter than us and give yourself a break before you go!
  3. Bring your own gloves! TreeRunner provides gloves, but I would recommend bringing your own because climbing is tough on your hands, y’all! (I’m wearing my blister bandaids like a badge of honor right now.)
  4. BRING WATER. Y’all, there is nothing we wanted more than an ice cold water after we finished up on the last course. Luckily, TreeRunner has some beverages and snacks available if you forget the H2O at home.
  5. You need a can-do attitude! Don’t look at the obstacles and think you can’t do it. Look at them and think about how awesome it will feel when you (and your date) conquer them!
  6. Be FEARLESS. As I mentioned, I’m afraid of heights. Once you’re up there in the trees, you’re all hooked in so you aren’t going anywhere. You get so focused on finishing the course that you don’t even have a chance to think about how high up you are! At the end of the Purple Course, there’s a 40 foot auto-rappel jump. I looked at it and said there is no FREAKING way. There was a very helpful TreeRunner staff member, Ben, sitting on the platform across from me who talked me through the whole thing and I stepped off the platform and I DID IT. I am INVINCIBLE.

Basically, we had the time of our LIVES and we’re already looking at the calendar to go back! We felt so accomplished and had a great time hyping each other up on the courses. If you haven’t checked out TreeRunner Adventure Park yet, I think it’s time to plan your next date night!

Check out my Instagram for more fun pics and videos from our date at TreeRunner!Β 

What’s next on #RendezvousInRDU? Stay tuned each week for a new date idea!

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