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Hydration Station: Summer Skin Faves

Hey y’all!

I can’t even BELIEVE how fast time is flying by right now… I feel like just yesterday I was wallowing on my couch with the flu on New Year’s Day and now May is halfway over. What in the WORLD. This is why I talk so fast and I’m so stressed out all the time because TIME IS FLEETING!!!!

It’s starting to get warmer and brighter outside, so that means it’s time to start prepping your closet and beauty routines for summer! I’m not a skincare/beauty expert, but I do think if you’re switching up your clothes in between seasons, it’s probably a good idea to to the same to your skin/hair routines. For example, if you’re a beach bum in the summer months you probably need to incorporate a little more SPF into your routine than you use when you’re cuddled up inside during the winter.

Here are some of my fave summer beauty products that I’ve started incorporating into my routine- they’re all great for sensitive skin AND they’re budget-friendly!


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Golden Star Beauty Self Tanning Oil

Y’all know I am no stranger to self-tanner. I have tried a ton of different products and I haven’t ever found anything I really liked, until GOLDEN STAR BEAUTY. This line is a game changer. I was a little hesitant about self-tanning oil thinking it would be sticky or greasy or take forever to dry, but it’s literally the easiest self-tanning experience I’ve ever had. The body oil goes on clear and super smooth, and within 10 minutes, your skin has absorbed it and you’re ready to go! It’s not streaky, it doesn’t leave little dots on your legs after you shave, and it’s FULL of organic/vegan ingredients that make your skin SO SMOOTH. To put it mildly, I AM OBSESSED.

Golden Star Beauty also has a great face tanning serum, self-tanning mitts, tanning lotion, and tan-extender lotion! (And because I love y’all, you can use my discount code GOLDENTAN38 to get 15% off)

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The Ordinary “Buffet”

The hype around The Ordinary is REAL, y’all. People were saying that the “Buffet” serum changed the texture of their skin and I didn’t really know what that meant until it CHANGED THE TEXTURE OF MY SKIN (in a good way)! It’s the perfect product to transition from winter to summer skin care and it’s packed full of great things to keep your skin hydrated and smooth.

Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 9.37.11 AM.png
Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream SPF 30

Kiehl’s Facial Cream was another game-changer for me. Lightweight moisturizer that you can wear at night and all day? I’m in. This is the same as the regular facial cream with added SPF, so just swap and use this one in the spring/summer! You may be thinking that this one is not super budget-friendly, but a little goes a long way so you’ll be able to use this little guy for a few months! (AND Kiehl’s is now available at ULTA!!! YAY!!!)

Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 9.41.33 AM.png
Nivea Aloe Body Lotion

Nivea is a great summer lotion because it’s super lightweight and still packed with moisture. It won’t make your skin stickier than it already is from SWEATING (especially if you live in the South amiright gals) and it will keep your skin hydrated! This does NOT have SPF, so this would be a nighttime lotion.

Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 9.46.31 AM.png
Aquaphor Lip Repair and Protect

Speaking of SPF, you gotta make sure your lips are protected from the sun too! I can’t even tell y’all how many times I forgot about that and have to suffer sunburned lips (it’s NOT A GOOD TIME). Aquaphor is my go-to for protecting and taking care of sunburned lips. Throw one in your purse, one in your beach bag, one in your car- anywhere you might need one when you’re out and about this summer.

These are just a few of my faves to keep my skin protected, hydrated, and looking smooth during the summer months. What are your go-to summer beauty products? Let me know in the comments below!

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