Sweater Weather: Layered Looks for Any Season

Hey y’all!

2019 started off SO crazy… Drew and I were both sick for the whole first week (lol Happy New Years to us) and it completely threw us both off. I still don’t know what day it is. Is it Tuesday? Saturday? June? We just don’t know.

I’m excited about some of our goals we set for this year, and others make me nervous… but overall I’m looking forward to a year full of adventures, challenges, and new memories! One of the goals I’m setting is a blog schedule. Originally I was posting Tuesdays and Thursdays but I started posting other days to see if that worked better and I did a poll on IG to see what y’all prefer… thanks to everyone who participated! The responses I received didn’t really reflect a preference over what I day so I’m going to stick to T/Th (but if you want to wait and read on M/W/F you do you girlfriend!!).

Today I want to share a favorite from this week: a sweater that you can layer over ANYTHING! So funny story about this sweater- it was a Christmas gift from my wonderful mother-in-law who knows I LOVE Holl & Main. She shopped with Jenn, owner, and picked out this mustard sweater. I was immediately taken by how soft the sweater was (y’all know I’m allergic to a LOT of sweaters) but I wasn’t sure on the color. I’m a monochromatic kinda gal and I have a hard time branching out; however, another one of my goals for 2019 is to take more risks. I know trying a mustard sweater is not a big risk, but for a pale girl who has always been told she can’t or shouldn’t wear certain colors, it was a risk for me.

I tried it on and I was instantly obsessed. I immediately wore it out to dinner (our FIRST trip out into the real world after being quarantined for a week. We went to Olive Garden. It was awesome.) and then I wore it two days in a row after that. I got such good feedback about how I styled it that I wanted to share these styles with you!

Date Night aka Olive Garden Chic

IMG_0730 2.JPG

Sweater: Holl & Main Boutique, Denim: American Eagle, Booties: Target

This was the first time I tried the sweater on so I just so happened to be wearing things that went super well together. Key elements here: sweater, denim of any style, and statement shoes. Combine and go to Olive Garden. Enjoy!

Casual Layers aka What Season Is It Really, NC


Sweater: Holl & Main Boutique, Dress: Old Navy, Booties: Target, Glasses: Pepe Jeans

This combo is perfect if you live anywhere in NC where you get frostbite when you leave the house in the morning and it’s 70 and sunny by noon. These booties are actually from Target 2 years ago, but they have similar styles available. If you’re cold-natured, I think this would also look cute with tights or tall/OTK boots too. (PS the glasses aren’t really an accessory as I need them to see but they’re probably my favorite pair of glasses that I’ve ever owned so y’all need to know).

Business Casual aka How to Feel Good about Going Back to Work After Being Gone for 3 Weeks


Sweater: Holl & Main Boutique, Blouse: Cameo Boutique, Leggings: Lou & Grey, Booties: Charming Charlie, Earrings: Autumn & Avery Boutique

Y’all, who even am I in this outfit? I’m wearing layers and accessories and I was FEELING IT. I was out of work for the holidays and then out sick for a week, so going back to the office felt like a big struggle. However, I wanted to wear something I was excited about aka this sweater, and dressing it up for work was so much fun. I was so happy about this look that I didn’t even mind going back to the office to show it off. Pro Tip: If you’re layering tops like this, choose a blouse that doesn’t have big sleeves i.e. bell sleeves, ruffles, etc., but has a cute detail on the cuff i.e. statement buttons, ruffle style, etc. You’ll thank me later.

Now for bad news: unfortunately, this exact sweater is out of stock now. But the GOOD news is Holl & Main has even MORE equally soft and cute sweaters that are perfect for layering! They also have so many cute blouses (fyi I really don’t like the word blouse but it is what it is) and dresses so you can create all of your own layered looks!

Tell me which look is your favorite in the comments below! If you create your own layered look, post it on IG and tag me so I can see!

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