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Check Your List Twice – Last Minute Gifts Under $25

Hey y’all!

So there are 8 days until Christmas and you’re going through your list… You’re trying to keep your gift levels equal, but let’s be real, that’s impossible because you just have too many good ideas. BUT WAIT! You’re short a stocking stuffer for your dad! Or you just realized you’re having lunch with a friend tomorrow and you don’t have anything for them. At this point, your brain is fried and you don’t even know what to get.

I do!

Here are great, last minute gifts (that don’t seem like last minute gifts) for under $25.

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Candle or fragrance infuser

Y’all, if the only thing I got for Christmas was a basket of Bath & Body Works candles, I would still be a happy gal! With so many options to choose from, you can choose a personalized gift, i.e. I know how much you love cocoa so now you can smell it all year long! Tie a bow around the top and BAM, Christmas saved.

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Pocket knife or multi-tool

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like caring about someone’s safety and sanity! My dad gave everyone in my family Leatherman multi-tools for Christmas several years ago, and mine has saved my butt on several occasions. It’s a great gift to say “I’m always thinking about you” or “I know you used to be a Girl Scout but that was a long time ago and I don’t think the training stuck so please keep this with you at all times.”

Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 11.14.40 AM.png


Is it a super fun gift? No, but it is a gift that anyone who ever leaves their house will appreciate. Also, full disclosure, this CleverMade cooler actually costs $27, but if you really love them, you’ll make the leap. (Actually, if you REALLY love them, you’ll get them a Yeti cooler, but this little fella works just fine too). Pro tip: If you have a Cricut or know someone who does, monogram the cooler and go from “oooh” to “YOU’RE THE BEST FRIEND EVER!”

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Coffee table book

Did you know that you can get coffee table books about anything? Led Zepplin, famous people with their cats, an actual hardcover version of Humans of New York… the possibilities are endless! When in doubt, go with something simple like this Ultimate Travel book. I love getting coffee table books because I can put them out on my table and gesture to them when company comes over, even though I’ve never read any of them myself! #culture

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Fuzzy blanket

I know you’ve been to their house and there are blankets EVERYWHERE, but your friend who is always cold (i.e. me) will ALWAYS appreciate a fuzzy blanket. If this is a gift for an acquaintance or someone whose house you have never visited, stick with neutrals. There’s nothing worse than getting a gift and immediately thinking about regifting it. This grey blanket is a slam dunk, touchdown, foul ball (wait that didn’t seem right) for any and everyone on your list.

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For the gift card haters out there, hear me out. Nothing says I love you like a Chick-fil-a gift card. You’re caring about their well-being by feeding them, and providing them an opportunity where they don’t have to cook. OR save someone the hassle of having to exchange the sweater you bought them and give a gift card instead. Drew and I are still living off the gift cards from our wedding and let me tell you, we are THRIVING. When in doubt, give a gift card. I promise your gift recipient will love it. PRO TIP: If you still don’t believe me and have to buy a gift, do a hybrid. Buy a nice mug and throw a Starbucks gift card inside, or stick it in with a small gift basket of their favorite treats. OR, buy them a gift card to a restaurant you would like them to try- that’s sweet and thoughtful and will be a great conversation topic when you see them again. Gift and future gift. Win, win.

If you need other gift ideas, check out my “Gift Guides” tab! Merry almost Christmas, y’all!

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  1. I can never have enough fuzzy blankets or candles!

    1. Right?! Always the perfect gift idea!

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