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Gift Guide for Your Friend Always On-the-Go

Gift Guide for Your Friend Always on the Go

  1. Keep their coffee warm with Yeti Tumbler (many sizes/varieties at Omega Sports!) // 2. TELETIES. TELETIES. TELETIES. A million Teleties // 3. A solid pair of sneaks like these New Balance Cruz // 4. Portable laptop desk for when their fave Starbucks table is taken // 5. A CUTE portable phone charger // 6. Convertible wristlet/crossbody bag that will work for any occasion // 7. Keep them hydrated with a cute water bottle from Charming Charlie // 8. Emergency glam kit they can take anywhere // 9. Give them a place to keep all of their events and appointments like this adorable Kate Spade planner from Cute Buttons

Hey y’all! More holiday gift guides and this one was inspired by someone very close to me- MYSELF! Working full time, part time, and blogging means I am on-the-go every dang day (if you’ve seen the inside of my car, you know what I’m talking about). But I know I’m not alone- everything on this list is either something that makes my life a little bit easier or something that WOULD make my life a little bit easier (hint, hint, Mom, if you’re reading this).

I don’t know if y’all can tell, but I LOVE TELETIES. I found them at Holl & Main and I will never be using a regular hair tie again. When you’re on-the-go, you need a hair tie that you can trust, that won’t snap, that won’t let you down. I know it sounds like I’m campaigning for Teleties to be in office, but trust me on this- they are the best thing to ever happen to your ponytail.

This glam kit is something I didn’t know I needed but I’ll be getting one for every gal on my list. It has everything- bandaids, a sewing kit, EARRING BACKS- if I had a nickel for every time I needed an earring back, I could buy glam kits for all of you, too.

I love gifts that are thoughtful, and I feel like gifts that will make someone’s life easier are the most thoughtful things you can give. To me, these gifts say, I’m thinking about you, I know you’re working hard, and I want to support you. They’re very talkative gifts.

More gift guides coming your way, so stay tuned!

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