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Britton Buchanan Talks Alicia Keys, The Voice, and Coming Back to Park West Village

Here’s what you may know about Britton Buchanan: he’s 18, he’s a Sanford local, and he can SING (AND play guitar AND piano). That’s right, I’m talking about that Britton Buchanan who stunned audiences with his performances of Ray Lamontagne’s “Trouble” and his original song “Where You Come From,” among others, on last season of The Voice. Here’s what you may not know about Britton: he has performed right here in Morrisville as a part of Park West Village’s Acoustic Nights series and he’s coming back in town for a FREE concert on August 25th.

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I had the awesome chance to chat with Britton in between his recording sessions and his travels up and down the East Coast. An easy first question: between shows, recording, and just the whole experience of being on The Voice, when do you even have time to sleep?? “I don’t really,” he laughed. He’s been in New York recording for his new album. He wrapped on that last week, but there are no breaks ahead (which is gr8 news for me and all of his other fans). There’s a tour in the works after his record comes out but Britton is already traveling and performing (stay tuned to his Facebook page for album updates and performance dates).

How has Britton taken to the fame of being on The Voice? He is equal parts hilarious and humble about his experience. I asked him about working with Alicia Keys, his coach from The Voice, who is producing his upcoming album. “She’s just a really good friend… who also happens to be famous,” he says, “She’s awesome.” Another thing that you may not know about Britton is how much he was influenced by Bruce Springsteen. “He inspired me to pick up my guitar and start writing songs. I had the chance to go to his Broadway show twice, and I got to go backstage and meet him- it was awesome!” Britton says. He goes on to say that he always thought everyone was normal, except for Springsteen. He thought Springsteen had this unattainable level of cool, and he was shocked to meet him and find out he was just a normal person. I told Britton that people probably feel the same way about him as an incredibly talented singer/songwriter, and he just laughed. britton 2

Britton says life hasn’t changed too much since being on The Voice, but he does have some funny stories. “People always congratulate me on being on American Idol, so that’s always a fun thing,” he says lightheartedly. Or another favorite: “Are you that guy from The Voice? I didn’t watch it, but I heard you were great!” (if you are this person and you haven’t seen his performances, check them out RIGHT now). He said being back in Sanford hasn’t been that different, but he does talk to more people than he used to. “Every time I go to Walmart, I have conversations with about 50 different people,” he jokes.

Britton has been a part of the Acoustic Nights in the District series for the past few years, and he’s excited to come back Saturday August 25th. “I’ve always had a really good time there,” he says about Park West Village. “It’s always a really good environment.” Acoustic Nights started in 2015 as a way to showcase local singer/songwriters and runs Friday and Saturday nights from June to October. “I’m super excited to be back. I haven’t really played my own show since The Voice ended. I’m excited to throw it back a little,” Britton says. I think I can speak for all of Morrisville (maybe the Triangle, possibly the world) when I say Britton, we can’t WAIT for Saturday.

Come throw it back this Saturday from 6-9pm with Britton Buchanan at Acoustic Nights in the District at Park West Village!!

Photos courtesy of Britton Buchanan

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